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When Strawn & Co. Optometry in West Kelowna reached out about reducing the sound in their busy showroom we suggested sound dampening panels on the walls and ceiling to absorb the unwanted sound. The retail space does double duty as a front office with a waiting area and during peak traffic the volume became distracting to staff and patrons.

In a prior visit we mapped out the panel placement and choose a new colour, Sandy Pebble in the Framework fabric line, to blend in with the accent walls above the display shelving. 

Sound Dampening Panel

In the front office, by the waiting area, low-profile acoustic panels were placed by the phones to help calls come through clearly without as much noise bleeding in.

Office Acoustic Panels

In total, 10 acoustic panels were installed on the walls and 12 low-profile acoustic panels were installed on the ceiling to reduce the likelihood of pot lights casting shadows, working out to around 10% coverage.

Sound Dampening a Room
Acoustic Panel Installation

Sound dampening a room is important for speech intelligibility and adequate focus. We made sure to add sound panels above critical listening positions near the desks in the middle of the showroom and in the waiting area to absorb as many distracting sounds as possible before they travelled into the larger open office space.

Acoustic Ceiling Installation

Sound Camel manufactures and installs commercial acoustic acoustic panels in offices and retail spaces. If you feel your space could benefit from sound absorption we would be happy to stop by to listen and provide recommendations. 

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