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When a neighbour was telling us about their experience at the opening night of ‘Bravo Ragazzi Italian Eatery’, as it was known at the time, having a very reverberant space that was hard to hear in we immediately rushed over 5 acoustic panels to show off how they could help their opening weekend be an even greater success. When we arrived we met owner Ryan Hargreaves who serendipitously was looking up acoustic absorption solutions as we walked in. Ryan is amazing, helping to supply Westside Road communities with a much needed local market and kitchen and graciously purchased the panels on the spot.

Bravo Ragazzi Italian Eatery

Now rebranded as LaCasa Kitchen, the eatery is located at LaCasa Market & Liquor at LaCasa Cottage Resort in West Kelowna, which is just 5 minutes down the road from our Sound Camel shop. The LaCasa cantina has become a hotspot for Westsiders and tourists to hang out and catch live shows from local musicians like Jeff Piattelli which is why great sounding acoustics goes a long way.

Below are a few pictures of the installation.

Acoustic Panels for Restaurants
LaCasa Market Bar
Restaurant Acoustic Panels

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