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When the Sicamous Legion reached out about reducing the reverb in their live music area downstairs we were excited to visit such a historic building and form a game plan to create a more comfortable space for patrons. 

Acoustic tiles were originally installed when the Sicamous Royal Canadian Legion was built in 1945 but as the building’s footprint expanded, with the addition of a pool hall and other structures, so did unpleasant reverberation zones. The main culprit we wanted to squash was the dinning area in front of the bar − favoured by regulars for the view of the stage and proximity to amenities, but hard to hear and enjoy the show. 

Our solution was to clad the ceiling with black acoustic panels to blend in with the existing ceiling tiles while working around lights and vents. We installed 15 black ceiling clouds using our locking cleats to secure them in place.

Sound Camel is pleased to announce we now offer acoustic panel installation in the District of Sicamous with monthly deliveries of acoustic treatments like these ceiling mounted acoustic panels at the Sicamous Royal Canadian Legion. 

Below are a few pictures of the installation.

Acoustic Ceiling Planning
Acoustic Ceiling Cloud Mounts
Black Acoustic Ceiling Panels
Ceiling Cloud Installation
Sicamous Royal Canadian Legion

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