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We were so pleased Father Thomas Arackal from Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Lumby reached about about improving the resonance in the sanctuary. The historic gathering place was built in 1923 and in 2023 Father Thomas organized extensive interior renovations including a new public address (PA) system to help members hear his sermons. With the new addition, the increased sound pressure reverberating through the tall sweeping arches created long delays that made speech hard to interpret. 

After a site visit, our solution was to install 17 straw coloured acoustic panels at early reflection points along the side walls and above the nave to absorb unpleasant frequencies and blend in with the existing wall colour. 

Sound Absorbing Panels for Churches

Panels were placed at the same height throughout the church, in line with the bottom of the Sanctions of the Cross on the side aisles. Additional panels were placed in the north and south transepts to absorb corner reflections. 

Church Sound Design
Acoustic Panels for Churches

A simple clap test was used to evaluate the before and after and although we usually recommend at least 10% coverage with acoustic treatments on the walls and ceiling, we all agreed the 2% coverage in the church punched above its weight class. 

Church Sound Panels

Sound Camel manufactures acoustic panels for churches and is available to visit your church or any location in the Okanagan for an on site acoustic consultation. Acoustic panels last a lifetime and can make a considerable improvement for the comfort of patrons. Below are a few pictures of the Sacred Heart Church installation. 

Church Acoustic Panel Placement
Church Acoustics
Church Sound Systems
Sacred Heart Catholic Church
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