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When Christina Lake Golf Course reached out about deadening the sound in their restaurant we suggested first installing acoustic panels on the tallest wall where sound is focussed from the angle of the ceiling.

Our goal was to improve speech intelligibility for customer comfort by using panels that lock in place, which is perfect for busy restaurants.

As general rule of thumb, 20% coverage creates the ideal space for sound intelligibility and general comfort in a restaurant. Most restaurants have a reverb time of over 3 seconds. This means sound bounces around the room for 3 seconds after the server takes your order, for example, which makes conversations hard to hear. In a restaurant, a reverb time of 1 second is recommended. A simple clap test can give you an idea of how long the sound lingers in your space.

The club choose 14 fir colored acoustic panels to start and we delivered and installed them while they continued operating.

Sound Camel is pleased to announce we now offer acoustic panel installation in the Kootenays with monthly deliveries of acoustic treatments like these wall mounted acoustic panels in Christina Lake Golf Club. Our acoustic panels absorb sound in all frequencies and it’s amazing to see the difference even a handful of panels makes to a space. 

Below are a few pictures of the installation.

Christina Lake Golf Course Acoustic Panels
Christina Lake Golf Club
Christina Lake Golf Course Restaurant

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